Specialty Catering Menu

Warm Ups
Let’s get this party started

    •    MeatLoaf Meatballs-homemade & served in our own red sauce
    •    Smoked Bologna– served w/ our crazy crackers, pepper jack cheese, and spicy mustard
    •    Chips & Salsa-tomato, tomatillo, or pineapple Hola & Aloha
    •    Tenderloin on Rolls-pork or beef, lightly smoked & served on our homemade yeast rolls
    •    Wings-smoked then flash fried. w/ ranch, honey mustard, or blu cheese
    •    Fried Green Tomatoes-hand cut & hand breaded. w/ chipotle aioli


BBQ Fare
Slow smoked w/ hickory

    •    Pulled Pork-Boston Butts, dry rubbed & hand pulled,
    •    Beef Brisket-Texas for good brisket? HA!
    •    Smoked Sausage-may be the best I’ve ever eaten. Always a welcome addition
    •    Prime Rib-dry rubbed, lightly smoked then sliced, re-rubbed & finished to perfection
    •    Chicken-jumbo tenders w/ our signature rub & lightly sauced (pulled or whole)
    •    ½ Chicken-A Southern Tradition. Cut or intact
    •    Pork Chops-hand cut, boneless chops smoked until they’re awesome
    •    Ribs-St Louis cut spares, meaty, juicy, hand rubbed. I weep with joy
    •    Burgers-hand patted,1/3 pound of wonderment on a bun
    •    Chicken Tenders-fresh, hand breaded, what fried chicken is meant to be


Homemade offerings to enhance your meal

    •    Green Beans-probably the most served veggie of all time.
    •    Cole Slaw-the original “Southern Classic Eat”. Goes with everything. sweet
    •    Baked Beans-brown sugar, molasses, should I go on?
    •    Potato Salad-Did you know we went to the World Potato Salad Championship? Just sayin’
    •    Fried Apples-an apple a day…
    •    Street Corn-w/ mayo, queso fresco ,lime. One of our favs 
    •    Mac & Cheese-gooey, cheesy, in a good way, simply the best
    •    Pinto Beans-aromatics of the office
    •    Gotcha Slaw-the classic vinegar w/ a spicy twist
    •    Loaded Smashed Potatoes-bacon, butter, sour cream, green onions, cheese. Yes please!


These are Granny’s favorites. Don’t see yours, ask

    •    Banana Pudding-Granny-made pudding is the secret to success here
    •    Heath Bar Pie-4 time State dessert Champion. Oh, that’s 4 different states. WOW
    •    Carrot Cake-1, 2, 3 layers? Topped w/ pecans
    •    Chess Pie Squares-cake & pie rolled into one. One fantastic dessert
    •    Chocolate Mocha Cake-kinda like a cake but kinda like a brownie but oh that icing


    •    Buns
    •    Granny-made Yeast Rolls
    •    Cornbread


    •    Tea
    •    Lemonade
    •    Soda
    •    Bottled Water


Ask about our Specialty Menus
    •    Tacos
    •    Our Signature Catfish
    •    Pastas
    •    Seafood
    •    Our “O-RIDGE-NALS” Sandwich Menu


Meals are setup buffet style. Sauces, if required, are included.
Serving Utensils are included
Plates, forks, napkins, cups are available at an additional charge unless specified
Delivery charge may apply. Sales tax will be added to total.

Contact us for ordering information.

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